Design is the best investment for long-term growth.

Snø is an industrial design company based in Fredrikstad, one hour from Oslo, Norway. Managing a national and international product portfolio, we provide service within the field of design and product development.

Snø is the Norwegian translation for snow. The letter «Ø» is specifically unique for Scandinavia. A landscape of snow has many crystals. All crystals consist of water and through cooling they gain their unique structure and shape.

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  • Services

    “We don´t only aim to please...”

    Product design

    3D CAD Modeling Prototyping Visualization

    Product design

    The detailed specification of a manufactured item’s parts and their relationship to the whole. A product design needs to take into account how the item will perform its intended functionality in an efficient, safe and reliable manner. The product also needs to be capable of being made economically and to be attractive to targeted consumers.

    Manufacturing design

    Engineering Tooling Design Injection Mold

    Manufacturing design

    The database release of production tooling, including 3D CAD geometry, 2D Documentation and bill of materials. It is important that the tooling is designed to compliment the product functionally and aesthetically. In pre-production we examine the products mechanical requirements. These could be critical functions such as fit, kinematics, structure, force profiles and user interactions. The functions largely determine areas of stress and defined requirements. Material qualities and concentrations provide further performance.

    Graphic Design

    Visual Communication Product Identity Branding

    Graphic Design

    Graphical design is all about communication through illustrated or written media, creating a certain notion to the end customer. The visual is the first thing the eye meet in contact with a product or a service. Graphical design is essential for communicating through different medias, printed or digital, such as packaging design, websites, brochures or stationary.

    To our visual platform of graphical design, we are joining forces with Vibeke Jerkaas at Customaid. Vibeke has developd a strong portfolio over the years, joining SNØ with confident expertise regarding visual communication.
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    “a selection of our projects”
  • AV1 No Isolation

    Product DesignManufacturing Design
    AV1 brings young people suffering from long term illness out of isolation. The robot, together with its mobile app, works as the user’s eyes, ears and voice at school and in other activities when the person is unable to attend. No Isolation is the company behind this robot, and Snø Designstudio has developed the design as well as the manufacturing design, user manual, logo and packaging of the product.
  • AV1 Versjon 2

    Product DesignManufacturing Design
    AV1 version 2 is a evolution of the original AV1. The essence of the product is the same, but we have created a more vibrant robot with increased mobility and options. Like the digital eyes, which allows the robot to express more emotions. The lines are softened without losing the iconic expression. We also added a handle on the back side in order to carry it around more easily.
  • Pinell

    Product Design
    Supersound has long been a best seller for Pinell. It was therefore with a little fear of honor that we took on making a whole new Supersound series. We wanted to give the product a more nordic feel and have used wood, alluminium and wool as materials, in combination with sleek lines.
  • Moviemask

    Product DesignManufacturing Design
    Moviemask is a device for getting the best cinema experience out of your mobile phone. With unique lenses that transforms your phone to a nice panoramic view, it's almost like you're in the movie. We have used a material combination of fabric, plastic and elastic to bring out a dynamic and ergonomic design.
  • Connected Drone eSmart Systems

    Product Design
    The energy industry is in constant change and innovative solutions are eminent. Drones are currently prominent in several fields of service. The conseptual design project presents a drone for powerline monitoring.
  • Node (A3000) inApril

    Product DesignManufacturing Design
    inApril’s Venator. Development of attachment mechanism for an advanced Ocean Bottom Node system. All subsystems are designed for full integration to obtain maximum efficiency in operation and a safe environment for the crew.
  • Asure

    Graphic Design
    Asure AS provides CRM and analysis services based on Microsoft technology on Dynamics 365 / CRM and Microsoft Power BI. We have helped them with logo and other profile elements
  • Bifrost

    Graphic Design
  • Pharmafiks Eir 112

    Graphic Design
    Pharmafiks is a new brand and supplier of first aid articles. Snø Designstudio has developed the graphic elements of the brand, as well as the packaging. The goal for Pharmafiks is to be the leading supplier within its segment.
  • Adidas Originals Adidas and Monster

    Product Design
    We are consumer focused and therefore we continuously improve the quality, look, feel, and image of our products and our organizational structures to match and exceed consumer expectations and to provide them with the highest value.
  • Vannrenser

    Crystal Water is a water purifier with a patented 5-step purification process that revitalizes your tap water. These five steps are based on nature's principles for how the water is processed in a mountain stream.
    The product is of a high technical character, but we have strived to make the design as streamlined as poissible and hide all technical surfaces.
  • Røde kors

    First-aid products are always extremely function-oriented, which often leads to not prioritizing aesthetics and branding. Together with the customer, we have worked out a solution witch have focus on both.
  • Motor Emblem D5Volvo

    Manufacturing Design
    Snø offers complete services from product design to tooling design and manufacturing for any type of plastic product. Our extensive knowledge in a wide range of manufacturing processes and in-house customized tooling design allows us to create innovative solutions and products. We have demanding clients with high expectations and demands for accuracy and efficiency.
  • AV1 Packaging No Isolation

    Graphic Design
    In addition to developing the AV1 and the manufacturing design, Snø has also designed the logo, user manual and the packaging of the robot.
  • iSport Monster

    Product Design
    SNØ is a contributor in the ergonomic development and design of Freebits patented in-ear C-shape interface. After almost 15 years of cooperating with developing ergonomic headset, we have now taken the lead within in-ear headset design in the world.
  • Fabel Restaurant

    Graphic Design
    A holistic project made for three acompanying restaurants located in the heart of Fredrikstad, House of Litterature. The branding of the concept such as naming, concept development, the graphical profile and corresponding visual estetics, were made with a loving inspiration rooted in litterature.
    Fabel Litterature Café, Fabel Foodbar, and Fabel Restaurant, all three concepts based one common idea - downright good quality The main focus to the concept were in the detail of the experience, to create delightful sensations throughout the dinner.
  • Design Process

    Through a design-based approach we secure quality. We suit functionality, strategies and common grounds. People are in the center of our attention.

    Ultimately, it`s the process that provides the ability for innovation.


    We work closely with our clients to establish a shared understanding of the projects intentions, possibilities and details. We gather inputs and people as we brainstorm approaches in order to uncover needs. We explore concept ideas. Our goal is to settle on precise definitions of user and functional requirements.


    Our ideas turn into concepts as we immerge creative processes. We produce rough in-house mock-ups and concept presentations. This phase culminates with client approval of one or more concepts.


    With concepts at hand, we design and build prototypes to test critical functions, forms and operations. Our prototyping methods diverge greatly from project to project. We test experiences, and user interactions as well as product functionality. The objective here is to conclude the best concept.


    After validating a concept, we refine and re-tune. This phase is both iterative and fulfilling on a detailed level. The phase ends in a product or service ready for implementation.


    For the following production of our clients products we produce tooling design. Our tight collaboration with manufactures secure the production process. In service projects we perform implementation and follow-up. Our objective is to ensure client satisfaction with production yields, product- and service quality.


    Råde Verktøy AS - a plastic injection moulding and alloy casting company. Established in a barn in 1968, Råde Verktøy produced tooling equipment for industry on a local and national level. Founder, Ragnar Pedersen was a hard working man with a mechanical engineering background. In the family based company, a young and eager boy was brought up in a tooling workshop.

    With a 40% export supplying Scandinavian industry as Volvo Car Corporation and Saab Automobile AB, expansion was due. A 500m2 building was raised with the State Institute of Technology recommendations for effective production. The company takes a leading position in the development of products and tooling equipment using CAD software. Råde Verktøy is the first to take on digital 3D scanning in Norway as they continue to supply local companies as Hamax and Noblikk-Sannem.

    In the early 21st century, ownership of Råde Verktøy AS is handed from father to son. Vidar Pedersen renames the company to Tooling Network Norway AS to better meet the current market. In cost effectiveness, mould production and casting is gradually outsourced. Mould design, its techniques and an international portfolio of tooling producers is the main trade. Simultaneously, the company provides design services and solutions. The current customer list is maintained as new international customers are brought to the table.

    Tooling Network Norway is rebranded (2014). Now snø*, expands its services emphasizing design thinking and design processes in meeting customer needs. snø* takes a leading position in the combined expertise of product development and production techniques. The combination of utilizing strategic design and full range production knowledge assures product quality and marked viability.


    The Snø Team

  • Vidar pedersen

    CEO / Industrial Designer

  • Camilla Simonsen

    C0O / Design Manager


    Industrial Designer


    Graphic Designer

  • Vibeke Jerkaas

    Graphic Designer

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